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Single Arm Forearm Wall Slide & SA Forearm Wall Slide W/ Rotation

on Friday, 07 December 2012. Posted in DST Blog

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First and foremost we believe that all programs should take into consideration the individuals current physical limitations and we will always recommend that the athlete seek professional training that can address those limitations through a formalized biomechanical assessment. However our goal is to equip you so that you can address these issues if you are unable to seek professional assistance.

Who: Athletes who execute explosive overhead movements that require the arm to decelerate rapidly.

dst armslidewithrotation

Sloane Stephens #36 In The World (Former DST Athlete) Trevor Bauer (DST Athlete)

Why: The Serratus Anterior is very rarely strengthened through Isometric and Eccentric means.

Strengthening the Serratus Anterior can improve the scapulothoracic rhythm, create better stability to minimize translation in the glenohumeral joint and allow greater dissipation of forces.

Basically doing specific exercises to strengthen different components of the shoulder balance the muscles around the joint in different ranges of motion.

Single Arm Forearm Wall Slide Ques:

  1. Athletic Position (approximately 3 feet from the wall)
  2. Full Protraction
  3. Lean on wall (maintaining full protraction)
  4. Slide forearm up wall, working to get full shoulder flexion
  5. Return and repeat for prescribed amount of reps
  6. Always keep the ribs connected to the pelvis (brace)
  7. Always maintain a neutral spine by packing the neck (double chin)

Single Arm Forearm Wall Slide Ques:

Same as above except focus on keeping the belly button facing forward when rotating and continuing to protract with the arm that is in contact with the wall

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